18th century - today

The history of the building at the Bed & Breakfast, has its roots in the late 18th century. The premises were at the time as horse stables, including a blacksmith was attached. With the opening of the RhB, Rhaetian Railway line to Davos, and the stagecoach era was over.

At the same time, however, the automotive industry in the Grisons began to take hold. Until 1928 it was in fact forbidden to drive with the motor car, the cars at that time were called. From the rooms was a garage - Garage Weibel AG. Carl Weibel, the grandfather of the present managing director Peter Weibel was because one of the first who was driving an automobile. This demonstrates the deep car number "GR 28". When Carl Weibel each coming from Zurich arrived on the main road, he had to be tempered horses to travel the last two miles to the garage must. 

The Ford representative was of Leo Weibel (1918 - 2001) in 1946, the then Managing taken. Thus, we were able in 1996 to celebrate the 50th anniversary with Ford and Esso. With the growing customer base had to be repeatedly enlarged the building, so everything that a well-functioning garage needs to find its place. And so it happened in 1989 on the lower side of the building to take over the Migrol gas station. After 10 years of good cooperation we have decided on these pumps to sell the product of Avia. 

In 2007, Maya Weibel-Zeugin decided (1952 - 2013), wife of Peter Weibel "declutter" her home to. This included the basement, as well as the screed. Some came together. What to do? To throw away, it is too bad, give away everything, but to whom? So they thought they could open a small Brockenstube. Said - done. The building was found from the courtyard well accessible a suitable room. The Brockenstube was and is taken over by her daughter Laurence Weibel with lots of love to carry it forward in their favor. 

2011 decided Maya Weibel-Zeugin to begin a new challenge. Since there are two apartments in the building were free, they designed this. They renovated and furnished them and set them up for overnight stays available. From a small idea of ​​two single rooms, five double bedrooms and two twin bedrooms were. Maya Weibel-Zeugin was very pleased to be hosting and put their full energy into the BnB. When she learned in 2012 that she is seriously ill, began their daughters Melanie & Laurence Weibel them to Support. Since 2013, it successfully bring together the company further. They are supported by their father Peter Weibel and her siblings Dominik, Chantal & Isabelle Weibel.

Since April 2018, Melanie Weibel has taken over the oldest daughter of the family, BnB, as owner and hostess.